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This is an independent archive of the Duolingo Forum, which was shut down on the 22nd of March 2022.

People contacted me asking to preserve the content in the forum as they've found the community posts very useful when learning languages. Therefore, I wrote some scripts to gather as many posts as possible before the sunset, and I'm now making the archive public for everyone to use.

The archive contains nearly every forum thread where the ID ranges from 0 to 14000000, or from 46800000 to 57005930. In addition to that, nearly every post showing up in the "top posts of all time" section is also available in this archive, filling most of the missing threads in the 14000000 to 46800000 ID gap. Note that the IDs don't represent the amount of forum threads, as every reply to a thread also incremented the ID.

There are a total of 2098402 forum threads in this archive.

Downloading data

The archive is available for download as a collection of JSON files, which also includes the HTML/JS files I'm using to render the archive on this site.

duolingo-forum-archive-2098402.tar.gz (3.3GiB, archive.org)


This website is not an official Duolingo site, the Duolingo trademark belongs to Duolingo.

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